VRSync is now proud to be part of RiVR and has been renamed to RiVR Link

If you have any comments or questions, please visit the RiVR Link website

- The "Classroom in a box" -

Why choose RiVR Link for your VR Sync solution?

The RiVR Link “Classroom in a Box” solution offers instructors an interactive and engaging teaching tool for classroom education using 360°/3D/2D video and images.
Students using Link are fully immersed in the training content, no phones, not distractions, 100% attention.
Using your own content, new and existing, or having RiVR create training assets for you along with lesson plans, we help you to get your training needs realised.

Engaged Learning

Using a virtual marker (VR Chalk), the instructor can draw directly onto the video, visible to everyone, and, using wireless communications, can speak directly into the students’ headsets.

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